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An artist may as well have taken a paintbrush to this #modern #fresh vest


Navy blue premium cotton double ikat* with multi-color "hashtag" design, wooden buttons, and red satin lining

Model is 6'0" (165 lbs) and wears a size Small

*Fun fact: Double ikat is considered an achievement in the textile arts given the difficulty of cross weaving dyed yarn into a pattern

How to Wear

  • Versatile vest suited for any event from a Diwali, Mehndi, or Sangeet party to a dinner or cocktail party
  • Pair with an Ivory Shirt or Kurta, and khaki, red, or Ivory pants (take your pick!)
  • Add a Juni-per-fection or Sumac-ulate pocket square for extra flair


All units in inches.
Measurements are approximate and reflect body dimensions. 
Tip: Sizing based on standard U.S. measurements. As a reference, compare the chest size in our chart to the size you wear in a suit blazer/jacket

Shirts and Kurta sizing

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