The Modern Indian Man: Turning Up the Style Dial

The modern Indian man is no longer content with fashion refuge in the glamorous shadows of the opposite sex. He is seeking his own spotlight to make a visual statement, and now has more options than ever to make that statement. The excessively ornate and outdated drapes of 80s’ and 90s’ fashion silhouettes have given way to a more minimalist and contemporary aesthetic that elegantly fuses Indian heritage and craftsmanship with western influences. Oversized, almost costume-like kurta pajamas have been replaced by tapered Nehru jackets, fitted pants, and bold and quirky prints, with an impeccable attention to detail on accessories to complete the look (or, “the lewk”).

This fashion evolution has been underway for over a decade in India, but has been slow to migrate across the Atlantic to the U.S. For a growing generation of fashion forward men living outside India, access to and education of Indian fashion has historically been limited to local Indian stores, which have not kept up with the changing times. Racks of clothing remain stagnant for decades, reflecting outfits worn in 90s Bollywood films rather than today’s Indian man. However, with a new wave of young brands emerging to reshape the silhouettes and rock the status quo, it’s time to reconsider our preconceptions of Indian menswear. It’s time to pack away the baggy sherwani and beige dupatta that belong only in our favorite Shah Rukh Khan flick.


  • Inder

    Great stuff…. looking forward to seeing the men at the next family wedding.

  • Samir

    well said…love the new looks. and lol to the k3g link at the end.

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